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About Jeanette

About Janette Schuerr

Jeanette Schuerr

Lines have always fascinated me. As a child I drew the things in my world. Later that became cartoon characters then people I knew. A drawing pad and pencil were never far away. The bulk of my artwork was graphite. I studied for a time at the Art Institute of Chicago, but it wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I took a serious step toward painting. My husband worked for the local college and encouraged me to sign up for a class. That opened a new door to me. I was trained in oils and exposed to a number of venues. This tapped the creative reservoir in me. From that time on I became a devoted “student” experimenting with new mediums and any different approach to painting that perked my interest from books and articles I read.

My first instructor at the college taught us to make our own canvases and even to make a “shaped” canvas. These were a designed shape, other than square. That opened an interesting path for a while. My work was moving and evolving in many different ways.

I love some of the larger projects that have come my way that cause my mind to begin working on it from the moment I hear it.

When I arrived in Orlando, Florida, my current home, I was still not associated with a gallery and there was not much available at that time. When I decided to look to my artwork as a profession it seemed the only doors open were in scenic arts and murals because of the famous theme parks. I have enjoyed the experience this has afforded me. It has broadened my painting skills and enabled me to tap on the broad base of information I acquired during my personal experimental times.

The murals I have done afforded me the size of “canvas” (buildings) that I really get charged about. I love some of the larger projects that have come my way that cause my mind to begin working on it from the moment I hear it. Those challenges that start me through a mental roll-a-dex of experiences to piece together this new job.

Currently, I enjoy a good reputation and client base in my home town and am looking forward to spending time developing more avenues with my personal paintings.

About My Work

My work has become very diverse. I can make some generalizations about the way I work, the things of me that are more generic, before I would bridge out into a specific task.

Whenever possible, I want a new angle for my subject. It is a selfish thing perhaps, but I want my interest fresh on the subject so I am looking for something different. For that reason, I often spend, probably too much, time in research. I want to see what all my choices are. I believe this is also fuel for the creative process, choosing the right things, or combination of things, can give the finished picture that extra spark. So the composition is something I spend a large portion of time developing.

My handling of colors is what I would term “classic.” My use of primary colors in undertones and shaded areas are an example. This gives richness and balance to the hues over all. It gives a certain translucent effect to skin tones. I also believe black is for lettering, not paintings. Black yields a flat appearance. This concept in handling colors carries through my use of any medium.

Changing mediums has some interesting pluses. Methods used with acrylic paints varies from say, oils or pastel chalks. Using any one of these employs a certain pattern of thinking. Changing to the next medium often causes a “cross over” in that pattern to the next. It stirs the creative juices. This develops, or at least influences, a style in the overall body of my work.

About Jeanett's Work